Providing Toys That Travel


My name is Jill and I started FUN ON THE FLY LLC in 2012. The idea for my business was born after the most amazing family trip to Mexico. My husband and I were traveling with our beautiful and very active daughters who were 1 and 4 at the time. I wanted our vacation to be the best it could be and filled with the most special moments and memories to last a lifetime. Is that so much to ask? But soon, I found myself so overwhelmed with the planning, packing, shopping and worrying about how to keep our girls happy and entertained during the trip, I was miserable.

But all of my hard work and worry really did pay off. The activities, puzzles, games and secret surprises I had spent a month gathering made our family adventure amazing. Our girls were able to enjoy the traveling and not just the end destination. They used their activity bags in the airport, on the plane, during car rides, at restaurants, in the hotel and even on the beach. It made those “down times” during travel a little more bearable and not meltdown moments.

So, from that experience, I wanted to create a product that would take the stress of planning and packing travel entertainment for your kids away in one easy solution. Fun on the Fly LLC offers parents a variety of fully stocked activity bags that are ready when you need it most and when your child is ready for some “fun on the fly”.

Wishing you safe travel and beautiful memories.

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